IQ is a proudly South African skin care brand, developed by South African dermatologist, Dr Len Nel. Having diagnosed and treated many patients in his clinical practice, developing IQ was a natural extension to provide world class, affordable skin care to all South Africans. Dr Nel specialises in photo-ageing and sun related skin damage, and is on the forefront of cosmetic dermatology.

IQ products are specially developed for the South African climate and as such, have broad spectrum SPF protection, contain antioxidants, and are highly emollient and moisturising. IQ has developed an infusion of polyphenol-rich White Tea extracts and selected antioxidants, to achieve a unique IPF™ (Immuno Protection Factor). IPF™ helps prevent essential Langerhans cells from being depleted, and in short, allows the skin to support the synthesis of collagen and elastin. At night, IQ’s IPF™ continues to scavenge Free Radicals and build up antioxidant levels, arming your face for the day ahead.

IQ skin care consists of five diverse ranges, formulated for any skin type or skin-related need. The UltraRich™ Advanced Anti-Ageing range is enriched with IPF™ Antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid to intensely treat wrinkles and replenish skin’s moisture. The UltraEven™ range provides corrective care, pigmentation reduction and improves an uneven skin tone with its formulation of Vitamin B3 and IPF™ Antioxidants. For skin that’s very dry and sensitive, the DermaQuench™ range is infused with IPF™ Antioxidants and Jojoba Ultra Care moisturisers to provide the exact treatment needed for the South African climate. Acne-prone skin is covered by our ClearStart™ range formulated with Salicylic Acid, Aloe and IPF™ Antioxidants, to help clear breakouts and reduce impurities. The IQ Sun Care range is formulated for all skin types, with SPF products that offer vital protection against sun damage.

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