IQ’s MultiVitAE™

MultiVitAE™ is a combination of Vitamins A and E, two vitamins with incredible skin care capabilities. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient that plays a crucial role in the metabolic processes of the skin and in the production of collagen. ‘Retinoid’ is a common term associated with Vitamin A because it is a collective term for all Vitamin A derivatives. Vitamin A is commonly found in skin care products because it can help treat acne by removing dead skin cells that clog pores. Vitamin A is a great ingredient for oily skin as it can act as a drying agent. It is also effective in an anti-ageing skin care routine because Vitamin A stimulates collagen production, promotes epidermal thickness, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. Vitamin A is most effective in an evening skin care routine and can be found in products like night creams, or overnight masks.


Vitamin E is the collective name for oil-soluble antioxidants, and it occurs naturally in eight chemical forms. Being an antioxidant, Vitamin E helps prevent oxidative damage to cells as it removes free radicals which are highly destructive to skin cells. This ingredient also strengths the skin’s barrier and has excellent moisturising and healing properties. Vitamin E is not always suitable to individuals with sensitive or very oily/acne-prone skin, as sometimes topical application of Vitamin E can cause irritation or itching. This ingredient is best incorporated into a skin routine through oils and moisturises, and can be combined with other well-known ingredients, like Vitamin C & A.

Vitamin C

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