UltraRich™ Travel and Trial Pack 4 x 12ml



This kit, formulated for extra dry & mature skin, contains a complete regimen to help intensely moisturise & promote naturally radiant skin by targeting fine lines & wrinkles. Specially developed for the South African climate, the UltraRich™ range is formulated with vital SPF & IPF™ Antioxidants to help provide protection & nourishment to replenish & restore skin. The cleansing wash gently cleanses to remove dirt from skin, the day & night cream restores essential nourishment, each providing 24-hour hydration, while the renewing serum assists in plumping & hydrating skin for improved tone & appearance. Wrinkle depth & fine lines are proven to be reduced over time* for a more youthful, radiant complexion. *IQ UltraRich™ products are clinically proven to have the above mentioned results after 56 days of continuous use of the IQ UltraRich™ Day & Night Creams as a regime or the IQ UltraRich™ Renewing Serum when used twice daily.

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